Eldran Color Series エルドランカラーシリーズ (15 ml)

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The common colors of Sunrise's robot anime.

Matchless Raijin-Oh [絶対無敵ライジンオー], Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruga [元気爆発ガンバルガー], Nekketsu Saikyo Gozaurer [熱血最強ゴウザウラー], and Kanzen Shouri Daiteio [完全勝利ダイテイオー] will be released as the Eldran Color Series.

The label also uses the illustration drawn by Mr. Takahiro Yamada, making it a highly collectible product.

EL-01 Lemon Yellow: Gozaurer body The chest is yellow.

EL-02 lilac: It is a light purple color of the Gozaurer body.

EL-EX1 Eldran Gold: Eldran Gold, supervised by Mr. Takahiro Yamada, reproduces the golden expression (yellow part) of the animation as a model paint and makes it a vivid gold paint.

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