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E7 Quality Model Paint

Created by modelers, for modelers
Made from premium ingredients imported from Europe, E7 Paints are specially formulated for use on plastic scale model kits like Gunpla, and provide a smooth, highly-pigmented and durable finish for your masterpiece!

Let's Start Painting

千里之行,始於足下,噴塗顏料 ,匯聚這裡

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喜愛品牌 Featured collection: Gaia Notes - 蓋亞專區

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Premium Red GP-02Premium Red GP-02
Pearl Premium Red GP-02pPearl Premium Red GP-02p
Premium Glass Pearl GP-04Premium Glass Pearl GP-04
Ultra Marine Blue GP-05Ultra Marine Blue GP-05
Premium Silver Plate GP-07Premium Silver Plate GP-07
Premium Mirror Chrome GP-08Premium Mirror Chrome GP-08
Premium Prism Blue Black GP-09Premium Prism Blue Black GP-09
EX SeriesEX Series
Gaia Notes EX Series
Sale priceFrom $68.00
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Cyber Formula Colour Series
T-02 Acrylic Thinner
T-03 Resin Wash
Gaia Notes T-03 Resin Wash
Sale priceFrom $50.00
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T-04 Tool WashT-04 Tool Wash
Gaia Notes T-04 Tool Wash
Sale priceFrom $57.00
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T-05 Enamel Thinner
T-06 Brush MasterT-06 Brush Master
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T-07 Moderate Thinner Plus
T-08 Retarder Max
T-10 Brush Clean & Rinse
T-11r Gaia Paint Remover R
T-12 Quick-Drying Enamel SolventT-12 Quick-Drying Enamel Solvent
T-13 Mild Tool Wash
T-14 Plastic Cleaner Plus

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[15044] Mini 4WD Styling Mesh (Black)[15044] Mini 4WD Styling Mesh (Black)
Streamline SP-35 0.35 mm NozzleStreamline SP-35 0.35 mm Nozzle
[18014] Avante (Type 2 Chassis)[18014] Avante (Type 2 Chassis)
[18065] Super Avante RS (Super-II Chassis)[18065] Super Avante RS (Super-II Chassis)

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