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Premium plated silver is the ultimate silver that achieves a plated finish.

It works best when applied with an airbrush. The paint is already diluted, so please use it as it is.

Since it is a lacquer-based paint, it is possible to coat water-based clear from above.

Make the base black, and apply more layers by weakening the pressure so as not to spray thickly.

The smoother the base, the more you can express the feeling of plating.

It is a painting image of premium plating silver.

Applying multiple coats will give you the following effects:

1st coat: It feels like you can see the black underneath. It has a high gloss and a mirror effect. It's a gunmetal-like color.

2nd to 3rd coats: The black of the base disappears, and it is an expression that achieves both luster and mirror effect as plated silver.

4th coats or more: It loses its luster and becomes a matte stainless-like surface. It creates an interesting texture effect.

Things to be aware of when painting premium plated silver

  • It's already diluted, so don't dilute it any further.
  • By making the base black and polishing it to make it even smoother, the feeling of plating increases.
  • Do not apply a thick layer at once by weakening the pressure, and divide it into several coats.
  • It dries quickly, so if you apply it on a humid day, whitening may occur.
  • Water-based clear coat is possible. Lacquer type clear can also be coated if you blow well.

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