Olfa - オルファ

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Showing 1 - 24 of 28 products
Classic Standard Duty Cutter A-1Classic Standard Duty Cutter A-1
Standard Art Knife AK-1Standard Art Knife AK-1
Designer's Art Knife AK-5Designer's Art Knife AK-5
Compass Cutter CMP-1Compass Cutter CMP-1
Scraper for Leather & Resin Sheets BTC-1Scraper for Leather & Resin Sheets BTC-1
Limited Edition Art Knife Ltd-09Limited Edition Art Knife Ltd-09
Designer's Art Knife 216BSDesigner's Art Knife 216BS
A2 Cutting Mat 159BA2 Cutting Mat 159B
A3 Cutting Mat 135BA3 Cutting Mat 135B
A3 Half Cutting Mat 206BA3 Half Cutting Mat 206B
A4 Cutting Mat 134BA4 Cutting Mat 134B
Spare Cutter Blades DKB-5Spare Cutter Blades DKB-5
Spare Cutter Blades SAB-10Spare Cutter Blades SAB-10
Spare Blade KBSpare Blade KB
Olfa Spare Blade KB
Sale price$28.00
Spare Blade KB-5/30BSpare Blade KB-5/30B
Spare Precision Art Blade KB4-S/5Spare Precision Art Blade KB4-S/5
Spare Curved Carving Blade KB4-R/5Spare Curved Carving Blade KB4-R/5
Spare Narrow Chisel Blade KB4-NF/5Spare Narrow Chisel Blade KB4-NF/5
Spare Wide Chisel Blade KB4-F/5Spare Wide Chisel Blade KB4-F/5
Spare Narrow Saw Blade KB4-NS/3Spare Narrow Saw Blade KB4-NS/3
Spare Wide Saw Blade KB4-WS/3Spare Wide Saw Blade KB4-WS/3

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