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This is a renewed version of Gaia Multi Primer.

TX (toluene/xylene) free, improving safety while maintaining performance.

Just apply a thin layer to materials that don't stick well, such as resin kits or metal parts, and the paint will adhere firmly.

Please use it as is without diluting it.

How to use Gaia Multi Primer Advanced:

1. Base adjustment

Completely remove oil, dirt, moisture, dust, etc. from the surface to be coated.
If the surface to be painted is silicone-based paint, fluorine paint, or water-repellent coating, remove it by polishing or other means.

2. Undercoat

When applying with an airbrush, hold a distance of about 15-20cm and apply a thin, even double coat once or twice.
When using a brush, apply once thinly and evenly.
*A thin film will provide sufficient adhesion, so please avoid applying thickly and apply thinly.

3. Drying (approximately under an environment of temperature 20℃ and humidity 60%)

If the top coat is solvent-based: about 20 to 30 minutes
If the top coat is water-based: about 2 hours
*Sufficient adhesion may not be achieved at low temperatures (below 5℃) or extremely high humidity. In that case, consider the coating conditions, such as keeping the surface to be coated warm or allowing a longer drying time.

4. Top coat

Paint according to the specifications of the paint you are using.
*When applying clear, please use one with good weather resistance.

Gaia Multi Primer Advanced Material Compatibility Table (◎ = Optimal, ○ = Suitable, △ = Not very suitable)

Adhesion to coated surface
Paint used in test:
Strong solvent quick drying 10:1 acrylic urethane
Aluminum (A1050P)
Alumite processed product
Stainless steel (SUS304/403) (excluding some mirror surfaces)
Colored galvanized iron
Baked paint film
Electrodeposition coating film
Fluorine processed products
Chemical coating treated products/bonded steel sheets
Hot dip galvanized
Lead, brass, chrome plating
concrete mortar
Polypropylene (PP)
hard pvc
poly makeup version
Acrylic plate
melamine decorative board
Porcelain tiles (except those that are glazed)
Appropriate topcoat 1-component reaction-curing urethane paint (weak/strong solvent)
2-component reaction-curing urethane paint (weak/strong solvent)
2-component reaction curing acrylic urethane paint (weak/strong solvent)
1-component epoxy paint
Two-component reaction-curing epoxy paint
acrylic lacquer paint
straight acrylic paint -
Reaction-curing water-based paint
acrylic emulsion
Melamine baking paint (about 150℃)
Acrylic baking paint (about 180℃) -
Epoxy baking paint (about 180℃) -
Powder baking paint (about 200℃) -
UV paint
Synthetic paint Phthalate enamel paint
2-component reaction curing fluorine paint (weak/strong solvent)

If the surface of the material has been treated with fluorine treatment, please remove it before use.

Do not use on materials containing silicone

Before use, please test coat it on an inconspicuous area to ensure that there are no problems with the material, adhesion, etc.

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