[18616] Avante X (MS Chassis) [新米レーサー - 大鳥カケル]

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[The 10th Avante is finally here]

This is a plastic model assembly kit of a four-wheel drive racer that is fun to race with its high performance.

The Avante X is an evolved version of the Avante Mk.II, which has been well received in races.

The X (X) stands for 10 in Roman numerals, and it was named as the 10th machine to carry the Avante name.

The white base color is much brighter and the fluorescent green wheels are fresh.

The body is a reinforced type made of polycarbonate ABS resin.

It is also characterized by the fact that it can maintain sufficient strength even after drilling holes to reduce weight.

The chassis is equipped with a double shaft motor in the center of the body, which extends the shafts on both ends of the motor, achieving high drive efficiency.

It consists of three parts, nose, center, and tail, and can be attached and detached with one touch.

You can enjoy speedy and wide range of setting changes.

In addition, the Manta Ray Mk.II Equipped with the newly adopted N-02 unit, it further appeals to the light image.

The gear ratio is 4:1.

Assembly is a snap-in type that does not require adhesive, and there is no need for wiring just by setting the metal fittings.

Of course, you can enjoy improving performance and setting with the abundant parts available.

[MS Chassis]

The 3-part "MS Chassis" achieves excellent rigidity, and the "Midship (MS) Layout" with heavy parts such as the double shaft motor and the battery in the center of the chassis and the Mini 4WD.

The traditional 4WD (four-wheel drive) mechanism provides excellent stability even at high speeds.

The chassis consists of three parts: nose, center, and tail, and can be attached and detached with a single touch.

Enjoy speedy and wide-ranging setting changes.

* There are 2 types of nose unit.

[Basic specifications]

● Total length when completed: 152 mm ● Width 92 mm

● Double shaft motor included ● Assembly is an inset type that does not require adhesive

[Separately purchased]

● 2 AA batteries

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