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[A design contest grand prize winner that combines a wild boar and a hot rod machine]

This is a plastic model assembly kit of a high-performance racer that uses a shaft drive four-wheel drive.

The Razorback is the machine that won the grand prize in the "Mini 4WD Design Contest 2018".

The gunmetal-colored ABS resin body, which is based on the motif of a wild boar with a mane on its back, the "Razorback", and a hot rod machine, is full of dynamism.

The edgy form also creates an atmosphere that is not ordinary.

In addition, the air intake that is fused with the mechanism of the FM-A chassis also has an excellent cooling effect for the motor.

I am looking forward to seeing it in the race.

The carbon pattern that enhances the racy mood and the logo of the machine name are prepared with metallic stickers.

[Uses FM-A chassis with front motor layout]

The chassis uses the FM-A with a front motor layout that incorporates an aero design.

Since the center of gravity is toward the front of the body, it is possible to run with a sense of stability even on courses with many ups and downs.

The front lower part is equipped with a skid bar made of low-friction resin as standard, and the four rollers are also made of low-friction resin.

The rear roller is 8 mm thick for increased stability. The motor can be easily replaced from the bottom of the chassis, allowing for quick setting changes.

The aero side stays, inspired by the cross-sectional shape of an airplane wing, can be used to attach various parts.

The chassis body is made of black ABS resin, while the A parts such as the underpanel and skid bar are made of light green low-friction resin.

In addition, the dark silver six-spoke wheels are fitted with large-diameter low-height tires. 4.2:1 speed gear and motor included.

[Basic specifications]

● Total length when completed: 156 mm ● Overall width: 97 mm ● Overall height: 46 mm

● Single Shaft Motor included ● Snap-on assembly with no adhesive required 

[Items to be purchased separately]

- 2 AA batteries

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