[19427] Diospada GPA (VS Chassis) [意大利天馬隊: 加路 ~ 天馬號]

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[The aerodynamic body that covers the front and rear tires and the high-performance running are attractive]

This is a plastic model assembly kit of a high-performance racer that uses a shaft drive four-wheel drive.

The Diospada GPA has a blue base with yellow and red lines that create a sense of speed.

Holes have been drilled in the front cowl, cockpit sides, roof, etc. to reduce weight and improve heat dissipation.

The chassis uses a VS that is advantageous on technical courses, and it is equipped with small diameter tires that are excellent for acceleration.

Assembly is done by snapping together without using adhesive, and you can enjoy improving performance with a wide variety of parts.

In addition, it can be equipped with a transmitter for the time measurement system "GP System".

It makes the race even more interesting.

[Basic specifications]

● Total length when completed 145 mm ● Overall width 90 mm ● Overall height 44 mm

● Double shaft motor included ● Assembly is an inset type that does not require adhesive

[Separately purchased]

● 2 AA batteries & Single Shaft Motor

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