[19619] Rising-Trigger ~ White Special Version (Super XX Chassis) [鷹羽龍 - 第四代 ~ 火鳥展翅號 旭日之箭]

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[White-colored Rising Trigger Special]

This is a plastic model assembly kit of a high-performance racer that uses a shaft-driven 4WD.

The Rising Trigger White Special is a special version of the Rising Trigger, the machine of Ryo Takaba, who was active in the manga "Let's & Go MAX".

The body is made of transparent ABS resin.

The gradient markings that resemble lightning emphasize the sense of speed.

The chassis is the Super XX, an evolved version of the Super X, with increased rigidity.

The rigidity of each part, such as the front roller stay, battery holder, and side stays, has been increased, and a "nose guard" has also been adopted.

The chassis is coordinated in white, including the rear stay and battery holder.

The wheels are dark silver and the tires are red.

Two 14 mm diameter rubber ring rollers, a 3.5:1 super-speed gear, and a motor are included.

[Basic specifications]

● Total length 153 mm ● Total width 98 mm ● Total height 38 mm

● Single shaft Motor included ● Assembly is a snap-in type that does not require adhesive

[Items to be purchased separately]

● 2 AA batteries

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