[95409] VT-6 Variatron (VS Chassis) [天道武一 ~ 藍色異形]

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[Attractive futuristic form with distinctive brain core]

This is a plastic model assembly kit of a high-performance racer that uses shaft drive four-wheel drive. The Variatron is the machine of Takeichi Tendo, the main character of the mini 4WD manga ``Future Racer His B-Twin'' serialized in Shogakukan's school year magazine ``Second Grade'' and ``Third Grade''.

The body has a futuristic feel, such as the pointed front fender and large air intakes on both sides of the body, and the characteristic front part called the brain core is reproduced with transparent parts.

The engine nozzle at the rear end of the body is also available as a separate part, and the two rear wings are movable.

We have prepared stickers for the canopy, car name logo, etc.

[Uses lightweight and simple VS chassis]

The chassis uses highly reliable VS.

The short wheelbase (80 mm), lightweight, and simple structure are popular with many racers.

The chassis body and rear roller stay are made of black ABS resin.

A-parts such as the front cover and battery holder, which can be opened and closed, are also unified in black.

Equipped with a plastic roller (blue) with a 14 mm rubber ring on the front.

In addition, the flat dish wheels are equipped with large diameter tires with a width of 10 mm on the front wheel and a width of 14 mm on the rear wheel.

There is also a diffuser that adjusts the airflow under the chassis.

The gear ratio was set to 4:1.

[Basic specifications]

● Total length at completion: 145 mm ● Overall width: 90 mm ● Overall height: 39 mm

● Assembly is an inset type that does not require adhesive. 

[Items to be purchased separately]

- 2 AA batteries

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