[95567] Spin Cobra ~ Mini 4WD Mechanical Series [日本TRF勝利隊: 三國藤吉 ~ 電動眼鏡蛇]

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[A display-type Mini 4WD that realistically reproduces near-future mecha]

This is a plastic model assembly kit from the "Real Mini 4WD Series" that allows you to enjoy the mechanisms of the machines that appear in the Mini 4WD manga "Bakusou Kyodai Let's & Go!!".

The large protruding front fenders and shutters on the body sides are distinctive styles.

The body is made of transparent parts, so you can enjoy finishing it without painting.

The mechanisms that give a sense of the near future, such as the electronic devices and power system, are modeled with plated parts.

The bonnet that moves back and forth is also made of plated parts.

The tires are made of synthetic rubber with a textured tread pattern engraved on them.

The front wheels can be moved left and right.

Assembly is done by fitting them together without using adhesives.

[About Real Mini 4WD]

The Real Mini 4WD Series is a display-type kit that reproduces the machines that appear in the Mini 4WD manga "Bakusou Kyodai Let's & Go!!" with a realistic feel, so you can enjoy displaying them.

Not only are the unique forms modeled exactly as they are in the manga, but the details of the mechanisms are also precisely finished.

In addition, the wheels and internal mechanisms are plated parts, and the tires are made of elastomer, giving the model a high level of texture down to the smallest details.

There are plenty of interesting details to add to the build, such as the transparent body and differently painted chassis.

[Basic specifications]

● Total length when completed: 127 mm ● Total width: 86 mm ● Total height: 37 mm

● Assembly is an inset type that does not require adhesive.

[First release date]

Released in July 1996 as 19301 "Spin Cobra".

*This is a display model. It is not a running model.

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