[95571] Exflowly ~ Purple Special Version (Polycarbonate Body - MS Chassis)

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[The racing car style of yesteryear is making a comeback with increased appeal]

This is a plastic model assembly kit of a high-performance racer equipped with a double shaft motor.

The Exflowly Polycarbonate Body Special (Purple) is a special upgraded version of the Exflowly, which has an attractive low-slung racing car style.

The clear body is made of durable, unbreakable, and lightweight polycarbonate, and is mounted on a 3-part structure MS chassis with excellent expandability.

The chic purple and black chassis color coordination that is visible through the body is also a highlight.

In addition, the silver-plated A-spoke wheels are equipped with super hard, small-diameter, low-height tires that are printed with white letters to enhance the racing mood.

It is a setting that does not bounce when landing after a jump and has high cornering performance, so it is expected to be useful in actual battles.

A specially designed clear type sticker is also included.

[MS Chassis]

The MS chassis features a "mid-ship (MS) layout" in which a double-shaft motor with extended shafts at both ends of the motor is placed in the center of the chassis.

In addition, the batteries are set separately on the left and right sides of the motor, achieving a low center of gravity and excellent weight balance.

In addition, the front and rear motor pinions mesh with the drive shaft and transmit power directly, resulting in excellent drive efficiency.

Coupled with the traditional 4WD Mini 4WD, stable running is possible even at high speeds.

Furthermore, the chassis consists of 3 parts: nose, center, and tail, which can be attached and detached with one touch.

You can enjoy a wide range of setting changes quickly.

Gear ratio is 3.5:1.

Equipped with 16 mm guide rollers at the front and rear.

[Basic specifications]

● Completed length 154 mm, width 92 mm, height 40 mm

● Double shaft motor included ● Can be assembled by fitting and screwing without using adhesive.

[What to purchase separately]

● 2 AA batteries

[Initial release month]

October 2020

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