[95649] Low Friction Small Dia. Narrow Tires (24 mm) & Silver Plated 3-Spoke Wheels (For Super X & XX Chassis)

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[Parts that are useful for improving the performance and setting of your machine]

A set of lightweight 3-spoke design wheels with silver plating and low-friction narrow tires in maroon color.

The small diameter size of 24 mm is effective for speed adjustment and lowering the center of gravity.

It has low grip, so cornering is smooth and it is less likely to bounce when landing after a jump.

You can also enjoy ingenuity in setting it up, such as attaching it only to the front wheels to improve turning ability, or attaching it only to the rear wheels to slow down when jumping and improve landing stability.

[Basic specifications]

A set of 4 small-diameter low-height tires and wheels made of low-friction material. *Since the tires are hard, they must be firmly pressed into place.

[Machines that can be used]

Super X and Super XX chassis with small-diameter tires

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