Brush Paint for Polycarbonate (Black) 聚碳酸酯[透明車殼]筆塗專用塗料 (黑色 - 23 ml)

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[Ideal for painting the details of polycarbonate bodies]

This is a polycarbonate paint for brush painting that is convenient when painting the details of RC car bodies in black, such as air intakes and slits.

Small areas that require masking with a spray can are easily painted with a brush.

It can be painted as is without diluting, and becomes water resistant when dry.

Also, when applying PS spray over paint after painting, the trick to avoid damaging the painted surface is to spray thinly multiple times rather than spraying all at once.

*Please wash the tools used with water.

*After drying, it does not dissolve in water or solvents, so please wash it quickly after use.

[Basic specifications]

23 ml bottle

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