Game Wash (Dipping Formula) - 舊化液 漬洗液 (浸/蘸漬配方) 200 ml

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Pick your choice: Sepia [棕褐色]
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Game Wash - Dipping Formula

Game Wash is the range of colors for wash effects and techniques on figures, which can also be used on other surfaces. It is presented with a new formulation that enhances the capillary properties of the product. A wash is a transparent and very liquid acrylic color, mainly used for shading techniques on figures and vehicles, as well as for creating glazing and filter effects over other colors in the range.

How to use: Apply with a brush, it can also be used with an airbrush.

Packaging: Game Color Wash is presented in pot of 200 ml/6.76 fl oz wide-mouth bottle. This packaging prevents the paint from evaporating and drying in the container, so that It can be used in minimal quantities and preserved for a long time. The Sepia and Black washes are available. This special container allows us to quickly wash or shade by dipping the figures into the container.

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