Mr. Color Thinner 油性硝基漆 溶劑/稀釋劑/稀釋液 [標準型]

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Pick your choice: Mr. Color Thinner [50 ml - 小]
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T-101, T-102, T-103 & T-104:

Mr. Color Thinner Liquid

Mr. Color Thinner is necessary to thin paints and wash brushes.

Mr. Color Thinner is a high quality material, so it is easy to use and mix with Mr. Color.

Mr. thinning liquid is a thinning liquid exclusively for Mr. Color.

Not only can it be used to dilute paint for brush painting and airbrush use, but it can also be used to clean used brushes and tools.

T103 and T104 are large capacity versions of plastic containers.

This is useful if you want to dilute a lot for airbrushing.

In addition, it is possible to attach Mr. spout caps (3 pieces) for GT33 thin liquid large and extra large bottles.


・Cannot be used to dilute paints other than Mr. Color Series and Mr. Metal Color.

・If you want to re-dissolve Mr. Color that has become extremely viscous in the bottle or hardened, please use the T115 Mr. Color dedicated solvent solution.

It may not be possible to re-dissolve the Mr. Color diluted solution alone.

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