[12645] Japanese Battleship Yamato Deck Sheet

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[ Wooden deck sheet indispensable for 1/350 Yamato]

The 1/350 battleship Yamato (Item 78025) has been very popular since its introduction in December 2011.

This wooden deck sheet is ideal for improving the details of the deck.

A precision laser cutting machine is used to engrave delicate lines on an extremely thin wooden sheet with a thickness of 0.25 mm.

In addition, the deck color is finished with a paint that brings out the wood grain, pursuing a texture that is unique to the board with a sense of scale.

Of course, the sheet. The is a sticker type that has been cut and has glue on the back, making it easy to attach to the hull parts.

The wooden deck sheet can easily express the texture of the boarding, which is difficult to reproduce with paint alone, and further enhances the realism of the model.

It is a detail improvement part that is indispensable for the production of 1/350 Yamato.

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