[15354] Mini 4WD Pro Racer's Box

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[Organize and carry machines, batteries, tools, parts, etc.]

This box can store a lot of machines, parts, and tools, and is convenient to bring to events.

The case body is translucent, and the handle, buckle, and tray are colored in cool blue, and the Tamiya logo is printed in white.

When the lid is opened, the two-tiered tray protrudes like a staircase, so you can check the contents at a glance.

In addition, a partition is provided in the tray so that small parts, tools, batteries, etc. can be organized and stored neatly.

A sponge sheet is laid in the bottom space where 2-3 machines fully equipped with parts can be placed, and the protection of the important machine is perfect.


Dimensions: Width 355 mm, Height 145 mm, Depth 205 mm

* Mini 4WD and parts sold separately.

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