[15420] NEOCHAMP Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery (2 pcs.)

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[If you are going to Tamiya's official competition, this battery!]

It is a high-performance rechargeable nickel-metal hydride battery that can be used in Tamiya's official competition.

Approximately 2000 times (*) It is economical because it can be recharged repeatedly.

Moreover, it has less self-discharge and can be recharged.

Neochamp (2) and quick charger set are also available.

● Target age 14 years and over . 14 When using it by people under the age of age, be sure to pay attention to whether it is used correctly by a guardian.

[Basic performance] Capacity: Min.950mAh / JIS C8708 2007 (7.2.1) Battery based on charge / discharge conditions Minimum capacity. Charging: Approximately 2000 times / Estimated life based on JIS C8708 2007 ( ) test conditions. * Actual life varies depending on the type of Mini 4WD and usage conditions. Neo Champ is a rechargeable battery exclusively for Mini 4WD. Do not use it for anything other than Mini 4WD. ・ Read the Neo Champ instruction manual and Mini 4WD precautions carefully and use it correctly. ・ Neo Champ cannot be used for Radi 4WD, Mini F, Dungan Racer, Fun Train, Fun Craft, Robocraft Series. Please use alkaline or manganese dry battery. Also, some machines cannot be used among Mini 4WD.

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