[15532] Low Friction Plastic Double Rollers (Blue/19-19 mm)

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[Useful parts for improving machine performance and setting]

This is a 2-step type roller with a diameter of 19 mm on both top and bottom, which expands the range of rear roller settings.

When the machine loses balance due to a lane change, etc., the upper roller contacts the course fence to prevent it from going off course.

The roller is made of POM resin with low frictional resistance.

The large diameter makes it effective even when the course fence has a large step.

It is also possible to improve performance by incorporating separately sold 520 bearings and bearing roller washers.

It can be used for MA chassis, VZ chassis, and AR chassis.

[Basic specifications]

In addition to two blue-collar two-stage plastic rollers, a set of four bushes, mounting screws, spacers, plate wrenches, etc.

[Available chassis]

MA, VZ, AR (some bodies have been modified) Is required)

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