[18100] Eleglitter by Znug Design ~ Kumamon Yellow Body Version (VS Chassis)

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[Futuristic style that expands the possibilities of mini 4WD]

This is a plastic model assembly kit for a high-performance racer that uses a shaft drive 4WD. Eleglitter is a machine designed by Kota Nezu, who worked on Astral Star and Raikiri . The wide and low center of gravity form, inspired by the open top formula racers of the near future, has a great impact. In addition, the front and rear fenders, which have a strong presence, are removable to achieve both weight reduction and the enjoyment of style changes. A driver doll with a sci-fi mood will be in the cockpit. The chassis adopts a lightweight, compact VZ suitable for actual battles, and is expected to be active in the race. In addition, pay attention to the small-diameter low-height wheels, which consist of a 12-spoke type body and a detachable aero disc. The contrast between light blue and gray is pleasing to the eye, and the mechanical design is also attractive. If you remove the aero disc, you can change the impression completely. From the silhouette to the suspension, everything is a highlight of the elegant glitter. Near-future machines will further accelerate the excitement of the race.

[VZ chassis pursuing strength and expandability]

-The VZ chassis is a further refinement of the performance of the small, lightweight, short wheelbase VS chassis, which is also used in races and is very popular. The strength of the bumper, rear stay base, propeller shaft bearing, etc. has been increased while maintaining the excellent features of the VS chassis such as tight turning performance and high maintainability. Moderate "bend" to absorb a shock is a point. In addition to the rear roller stay, the front bumper can also be split. The degree of freedom in setting has also been greatly improved. And the shaft bearing adopts 620 plastic bearing made of POM resin with low frictional resistance. A parts such as the chassis body and gear cover are both made of ABS resin. Set the gear ratio to 3.5:1.

Mr. Kouta Nezu (Designer / Creative Communicator)

Established znug design in 2005 after working as a designer at Toyota Motor Corporation. He has worked on concept planning and design for automobiles and industrial products, and has won numerous awards such as the Good Design Award and the German iF Award. He works under the creed of "connecting" people involved in manufacturing.

[Basic specifications]

● Completed length: 158 mm, width: 98 mm, height: 40 mm

● Single Shaft Motor included ● Assembly is an inset type that does not require adhesive. 

[Items to be purchased separately]

- 2 AA batteries

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