[18623] Savanna Leo (MS Chassis)

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[Mini 4WD design contest winner, finally 3D!]

This is a plastic model assembly kit of a 4WD racer with high performance and fun racing. The chassis consists of 3 parts: nose, center, and tail, and can be attached and detached with one touch. You can enjoy speedy and wide range of setting changes.In addition, the low center of gravity design with batteries distributed to the left and right of the motor. The Savanna Leo is a three-dimensional model of the winning design of the Mini 4WD 25th Anniversary Design Contest. It features a long nose with a retracted cockpit, front and rear fenders that cover the tires, and a large rear wing. As its name suggests, it has the image of a lion galloping through the savannah.

It uses a center motor MS chassis equipped with an N-02 nose unit . The chassis has a mid-ship (MS) layout in which heavy parts such as the motor and battery are placed in the center of the chassis, and the traditional 4WD (four-wheel drive) mechanism of the Mini 4WD, providing excellent stability even at high speeds. ●There are two types of nose units.

[Basic specifications]

●Total length 152 mm ●Overall width 92 mm ●With double shaft motor

[Required separately]

●2 AA batteries

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