[18703] Aero Manta Ray (AR Chassis)

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[Aeroform that swims in the air]

This is a plastic model assembly kit of a 4WD racer with high performance and fun racing.

From the body to the chassis, the 3rd machine in the Mini 4WD REV series that has been attracting attention with improved aerodynamics is the Aero Mantaray.

The shape of both sides of the rear of the body is reminiscent of large fins, and the form is composed of curved surfaces.

Furthermore, it is equipped with small wings on the front, large air intakes on both sides of the body, and air outlets on the rear of the body.

An opening. Not only does it allow air to flow smoothly, but it also has a sufficient cooling effect for the mechanics by directing the running wind to the motor and battery.

Furthermore, it has a curved swan neck that incorporates the aerodynamic trends of real racing cars and super GT machines. The rear wing stay is also a notable feature.

The marking sticker that tightens the curved body is made of metallic material.

The brilliant color tone makes the machine even more fearless. Mantaray Jr., a racing mini 4WD racer based on the Manta Ray, and the Mini 4WD PRO Manta Ray Mk.

The fins on the side of the body were designed with the image of.

In addition, the Aero Manta Ray is equipped with swan-neck type rear wing stays, front side wings, and large intakes, and has evolved into a machine with even more aerodynamics.

[Equipped with large diameter tires on a low body]

The body, which is composed of curved surfaces, is kept low overall, giving a feeling of low air resistance.

In addition, large diameter narrow lightweight wheels (gold) with a sharp 5-spoke design are fitted with large diameter narrow barrel tires.

Barrel-shaped tires with a narrow contact area with the road surface and a large diameter make for an extended top speed.

[Basic specifications]

● Total length at completion: 155 mm ● Overall width: 97 mm

● Single Shaft Motor included ● Assembly is an inset type that does not require adhesive. 

[Items to be purchased separately]

- 2 AA batteries

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