[19422] Beak Spider Zebra (Super-I) [沖田介 - 第二代 ~ 黑蜘蛛斑馬]

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[An aerodynamic body that covers the front and rear tires and a high-performance ride are attractive]

This is a plastic model assembly kit of a high-performance racer that uses a shaft-driven 4-wheel drive system.

The Zebra body is a transparent smoke color.

The unique front cowl that wraps around behind the front wheels and the 3-stage rear wing give a sense of speed.

As the Zebra name suggests, the white and black stripes and the red cockpit color. is available with the mark.

The chassis is a Super 1.

It is possible to further improve driving performance with optional grade-up parts.

Assembly is easy to complete with an inset type that does not use adhesives and a motorized model that does not require wiring

[Basic specifications]

● Total length when completed: 132 mm ● Width: 90 mm ● Height: 41 mm

● Assembly is an inset type that does not require adhesive

[Separately purchased]

● 2 AA batteries & Single Shaft Motot

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