Room Air Purifier Particulate Replacement Filter 空氣淨化器專用濾網 - 濾除顆粒物 MFAF190-1P


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  • Use with 3M™ Room Air Purifier FAPHK-C01WA-A
  • Effectively filter 0.003 micron (800 times smaller than PM2.5 particles) viruses, bacteria and allergens
  • Virus and bacteria removal efficiency exceeds 99%#
  • 3M electret technology effectively purifies indoor air without producing ozone and other harmful substances
  • The use of ultra-fine filter fibers increases the cumulative purification capacity by 2 times and doubles the endurance of the filter*
  • 3M™ Filter is American Lung Association National Proud Partner
  • Made in Taiwan (Filter raw material from 3M US)
  • Filter dimension : 196 x 247 x 38mm

The new long-term filtration technology is designed for the latest filtration standards of CCM (cumulative purification capacity). CCM (Cumulated Clean Mass) is an important indicator besides CADR value. When the filter efficiency of the air purifier filter changes from a new state to 50%, the total weight of the pollutants purified during this period is accumulated in milligrams (mg). It represents the continuous purification capacity of the air purifier. The higher the value, the higher the pollutant carrying capacity of the filter and the longer the service life. The filter adopts extremely fine filter fiber, combined with the BMF micro-woven meltblown process, which greatly increases the weaving amount and surface area of ​​the filter fiber, which not only maintains the excellent perforamance of 3M electrostatic filter: high CADR, high cycle efficiency, low pressure resistance characteristics, it double the cumulative purification capacity and service life of the filter.

More than 200 patents for electret technology around the world, with the core technology of non-woven fabrics invented by 3M, interlaced with multiple technology platforms, applying positive and negative charges to the ultra-fine filter fibers, which can filter up to 99.9% of dust, pollen, and dust mites in the air , pet dander, other allergens and bacteria-carrying particles

#Test with H1N1 and Staphylococcus albicans

*Compare with current 3M™ filter


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