[95062] Aero Avante Violet Special Version (Clear Polycarbonate Body - AR Chassis)

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[Real racing machine with eye-catching violet colored tires and a lightweight clear body]

This is a plastic model assembly kit of a four-wheel drive racer with high performance and fun to race. This is a special limited kit made of shock-resistant polycarbonate. The black chassis body is a reinforced type made of polycarbonate ABS resin. The A parts such as the diffuser and under panel are made of violet low-friction resin. Black 5-spoke wheels. The 26 mm hard low-height tires in violet color give it a fearless mood. The configuration for actual battles will also make you happy. Comes with a special clear type sticker with violet and silver graphics.

[AR Chassis]

Pursuit of aerodynamics Of course, the AR chassis has the elements necessary for mini 4WD racing, such as maintainability, rigidity, and expandability. , Prevents power down due to heat. Links the air intake of the body and chassis to create a high cooling effect.In addition, it is equipped with a low-friction resin plastic bearing to reduce drive loss and reduce weight. The under panel and diffuser can be easily removed without removing the body.In addition, the rear skid bar is standard equipment.The skid bar made of low-friction resin can be used when passing a slope course such as a slope section. contacts the track surface. Controls the machine's attitude to prevent it from going off course. Equipped with a 3.5:1 super-speed gear.

[Basic specs]

● Length when completed: 155 mm ● Width: 97 mm ● Height: 45 mm

● Single Shaft Motor included ● Assembly is glued Inset type that does not require agents

[Items to be purchased separately]

- 2 AA batteries

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