[95108] Mini 4WD HG Aluminium Setting Board (Blue) 35th Anniversary & Japan Cup 2017

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[Machine setting essentials with attractive aluminum brilliance]

A 2 mm thick aluminum board to be laid when setting the Mini 4WD.

You can measure the overall length and width by placing the Mini 4WD on top and check whether the four wheels are firmly in contact with the ground.

Furthermore, if you use the setting gauge (ITEM 94775) together, you can measure the minimum ground clearance.

High-quality blue alumite processing is applied, and the scales for the total length, width, tire diameter, and tire width are engraved with a laser, including the logo of JAPAN CUP 2017 and the 35th anniversary of Mini 4WD.

It fits in a racer's box or portable pit, so it's easy to carry. 

Size: 190 mm x 112 mm

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