[95115] Fully Cowled Mini 4WD 25th Anniversary White Tires & Black Plated Wheels

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[Parts that are useful for improving machine performance and setting]

A set of 4 black-plated spiral 6-spoke wheels and 4 white-collar low-height tires.

Low-height tires are lighter than standard kit tires, and are characterized by being hard to bounce when landing on jumps.

In addition, a hard material (hard tire) that does not easily decelerate at corners is used.

The words "FULL Y COWLED MINI 4WD 25th ANNIV." Are printed in red on the sidewalls to create the footsteps of the machine.

* Do not use cleaners, etc., as the print may come off.

[Basic specifications]

Set of 4 white-colored low-height tires and 4 black-plated spiral 6-spoke wheels

[Available machines]

Mini 4WD PRO and Mini 4WD vehicles (some chassis or body is processed) Is required)

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