[95152] Super Hard Low-Profile Tire & Wheel Set (Spiral) Japan Cup 2022

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[Useful parts for improving the performance and setting of the machine]

JAPAN-CUP 2022 commemorative item with super hard tires set on the popular spiral wheel with a sharp 6-spoke design with a sense of speed.

The Super Hard Tire has a lower grip than the standard kit tire, so it has excellent cornering performance and is less likely to bounce when landing after a jump.

On the side of the black-colored tire, the letters "TAMIYA MINI 4WD JAPAN CUP 2022/SUPER HARD" are printed in white to enhance the racy mood.

The wheels are bright orange.

It can be used for Mini 4WD and Mini 4WD PRO cars.

* Do not use a cleaner, etc., as it will print.

★ Because it is a hard tire, push it in strongly to attach it.

[Basic specifications] Two sets of low-height tires using low-friction materials

[Available machine] Mini 4WD PRO with small diameter tires, Mini 4WD cars (Some chassis or bodies require processing)

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