[95289] Mini 4WD Compact Bag

TamiyaSKU: 95289

Sale price$133.00


- A cloth bag that can be used to carry a Mini 4WD parts case, machine, etc.

- With two sliders, the front opens wide, making it easy to take things in and out.

- The Mini 4WD mark on the front and the Tamiya mark on the back.

* Size: 120 mm long x 190 mm wide x 115 mm high (inner dimensions)

* Material: Nylon

* Possible weight: 1 kg , Discoloration may occur.

・Do not put sharp objects in it.It may be damaged or broken.

・Do not bring it close to fire or leave it in a place where it becomes hot.

・The printed part will be rubbed or solvent etc. Please note that it is weak to

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