[95335] Proto-Emperor ZX Premium (Super-II Chassis) [鬼堂院陣 ~ 原始大帝]

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[Premium specifications with a fearless purple color]

This is a plastic model assembly kit for a high-performance racer that uses a shaft drive four-wheel drive. Proto-Emperor ZX (G-cross) Premium is the second-generation machine of the main character in the Mini 4WD manga "Dash! Yonkuro", the rival of Yonkuro Hinomaru, "Kidoin Jin", the Primitive Emperor (Proto-Emperor ZX). premium version. The low body and vertical fins on the rear are major features, and the front wing parts can be removed, making it suitable for various courses. The body is made of purple ABS resin. A metallic sticker accentuates the sharp form.

[Uses a super II chassis that makes racing fun]

The chassis is a super II with enhanced rigidity and expand-ability. The main body is made of purple ABS resin, which is the same as the body. One lock gear cover is also purple color. In addition, A parts such as the battery holder and rear roller stay are made of white ABS resin. Bumpers and rear stays have multiple parts mounting holes to support a wide range of settings. Even in the race scene, it is finished in specifications with high fighting ability. In addition, large-diameter narrow lightweight purple wheels are fitted with white large-diameter barrel tire hardware. With 4.2:1 speed gear. 

[Basic specifications]

● Length: 150 mm ● Width: 97 mm ● Height: 47 mm ● With single shaft motor

● Assembly and screwing without the use of adhesives

[Separately purchased]

- 2 AA batteries

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