[95358] Large Diameter Stabilizer Head Set (17 mm) (Black)

TamiyaSKU: 95358

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[Useful parts for improving machine performance and setting]

When using a 19 mm roller on the front, this 17 mm stabilizer head reduces the inclination of the machine at corners and improves running stability.

The roller and stabilizer head are made of low-friction, high-strength POM resin. Prevents the machine from stalling while cornering.

In addition to the 17 mm stabilizer head, it also includes a double screw shaft, a 19 mm low friction plastic roller, an internal tooth washer to prevent rotation of the stabilizer head, and a ball stabilizer cap.

The stabilizer head, plastic roller, and ball stabilizer cap are fearless black.

[Specs] In addition to the 17 mm stabilizer head and 19 mm low-friction plastic roller, the set also includes a double screw shaft and an internal tooth washer for installation.

[Available machines] Mini 4WD PRO, Mini 4WD cars (Some bodies require processing)

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