[95387] HG Mass Damper Set w/Ball Connectors (Block Weight/Carbon Plate)

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[Parts useful for setting up the machine and improving performance]

Mass dampers that move using the ball link as a fulcrum are indispensable on courses with intense ups and downs.

The 6 x 6 x 32 mm mass damper can be set at a low position, effectively lowering the center of gravity.

It can be installed in various places with a carbon plate with a white print of the Tamiya logo.

The red color adjuster is made of glass fiber compound resin that does not easily come off even when the shock hits you when you land.

MA, AR chassis can be installed as it is without processing.

[Basic specs]

One 6 x 6 x 32 mm mass damper (weight: 8.3 gram), adjuster, carbon plate, pillow ball, etc.

[Available machine]

MA, AR chassis. MS, FM-A, VS, Super II / X / XX / TZ-X chassis using GP.430 (some bodies require processing)

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