[95434] Stainless Steel Screw Set (15/20/25/30 mm) (Black)

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[Useful parts for setting up and improving machine performance]

A set of countersunk screws with flat heads.

If you countersink the plate that is attached to the back of the chassis, the screw heads will not pop out and the bottom will be smooth, preventing the screws from coming into contact with the road surface.

A set of 4 lengths of 10 mm, 6 lengths of 12 mm, 2 lengths of 20 mm, 4 lengths of 25 mm, and 4 lengths of 30 mm.

It's a black color, so the point is that the head of the screw is inconspicuous.

Be sure to use a 2 mm countersunk screw hole drilling bit (for electric routers) to machine a countersunk hole in the mounting plate, etc.

[Basic specifications]

High-strength stainless steel screws, set of 4 types total 20 pieces

[Available machine]

Mini 4WD PRO, each Mini 4WD car

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