[95456] Basic Mini 4WD Car Box & Sleeve (Avante Junior 30th Anniversary)

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[Cardboard box that allows you to check the size of the machine]

This is a special specification of the cardboard box "Mini 4WD Basic Box" that can be folded and completed.

Printed logos and phrases inspired by Avante Jr. on the bottom and sides.

With a transparent sleeve, you can enjoy a fashionable display as well as protect your machine.

The internal dimensions are almost 105 mm in width and 165 mm in total length, and the regulation items and lines for checking the total height of 70 mm are printed on the side of the box.

It can be conveniently used as a simple check box for a machine.

Another point is that it can be stored in the Mini 4WD portable pit (upper).

[Basic specifications] Assembled size: 110 x 175 x 53 mm

[Handling precautions] * Be careful not to get it wet or wet. * If you drop or throw it, the box will break. * It may be deformed if it is left in a place with high humidity. * Please note that the printed part may be rubbed.

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