[95473] Mini 4WD Compact Bag (Blue)

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[A fashionable bag that can carry your machine and parts case]

This is a special version of a compact cloth bag that can be used to carry not only your machine but also your mini 4WD parts case and other items in a fashionable manner.

Inspired by the "Avante Jr.", the main body color is blue, and the zipper and handle are yellow.

The phrase "Being nuts is NEAT!" from the rear wing of the "Avante Jr." is printed on the front of the bag.

[Basic specifications]

  • Storage capacity: 1 kg
  • Size: Length 120 x Width 190 x Height 115 mm (inner dimensions)
  • Material: Nylon

[Handling Precautions]

  • Color may fade or change due to friction, water, sweat, or direct sunlight.
  • Do not put anything with a sharp shape into it. Doing so may cause damage or tearing.
  • Do not expose to fire.
  • Do not bring it close to it or leave it in a high temperature place.
  • Please be careful as the printed part is susceptible to rubbing and solvents.

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