[95547] Mini 4WD Portable Pit (Pink)

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[Easy-to-carry pit space that is very useful even at race venues]

A two-stage resin carrying case that can hold four Mini 4WDs and carry them around.

It can store machines, parts cases, batteries, tools, etc., which is convenient when participating in a race.

The inside of each of the upper and lower door boxes is divided into two, and batteries and tools can be stored.

In addition, the partition deck can be removed and used as a setting board. Furthermore, if you remove the center joint, you can use it as a compact case that can store two machines.

The body and handle are black, and the door box with the Tamiya mark engraving is pastel pink.

Plenty of tools and batteries can be stored.

[Basic specifications] Size: Width approx. 210 x Height approx. 430 x Depth approx. 155 mm Body: Made of polypropylene

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