[95557] HG Mass Damper Set w/Ball Connectors (Hex weights / Carbon Plate) Mini 4WD Station

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[Parts that are useful for improving machine performance and setting]

A mass damper that moves with the ball link as a fulcrum, which is indispensable for courses with intense ups and downs.

Eight hexagonal weights weighing about 1 gram are available.

A 1.5 mm thick carbon plate with a white print of the Tamiya logo can be attached to various places.

The adjuster made of glass fiber-blended resin is a bright red color that does not easily come off even when landing.

It can be installed on the MA and AR chassis as it is without processing. If you use the FRP multi-wide rear stay ( sold separately), you can also install it on MS, FM-A, VS, Super II / X / XX / TZ-X chassis.

[Basic specifications] 8 hexagonal weights of about 1 gram, 6 red adjusters, 1.5 mm thick carbon plate for mounting, etc. are set

[Available chassis] MA, AR. MS, VZ, FM-A, VS, Super II, Super X, Super XX, Super TZ-X using GP.430 (Some bodies need to be processed)

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