[95558] Brake Set for AR Chassis (Orange)

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[Useful parts for improving machine performance and setting]

A brake set for the AR chassis that is indispensable for racing.

The brake sponge is cut to a width of 5 mm, and two types with different frictional forces are available.

The stay has a skid shape at the front, which prevents the sponge from peeling off and prevents the speed from dropping significantly on the lawn section of the official race.

With the 2-step roller installed, even if you land on the fence after jumping, you can immediately return to the fence and increase the completion rate.

In addition, the mounting position in the front-back direction can be selected, and the height can be adjusted by combining screws and spacers.

It supports both small diameter and large diameter tires.

The orange color is perfect for color coordination of pop machines.

In addition to AR chassis, VZ, MA, Super II, and GP430 can be used together with MS and FM-A chassis.

[Basic specifications] Two types of sponges (90 x 5 mm) with different hardness are set. 2 mm thick.

[Available chassis] VZ, MA, AR, Super II. MS using GP.430, FM-A.

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