[95618] Mini 4WD Acrylic Setting Board (Smoke)

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[A board useful for machine settings]

An acrylic board that is used when setting up the Mini 4WD.

You can measure the total length and width by placing the mini 4WD on top, and check whether the four wheels are firmly grounded.

You can also check the overall height, tire diameter, roller installation, etc. by standing next to the Mini 4WD.

On the smoked board, scales, Mini 4WD logos, silhouettes, etc. are printed in white.

It's easy to use in tight spaces, and fits in a racer's box or portable pit, so it's easy to carry.

*Do not use cleaners, etc., as the print will disappear.

Also, be careful not to rub against hard objects such as metal.

[Basic specifications] Size: width 190 mm x length 112 mm x thickness 2.5 mm Made of smoke-colored acrylic

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