[95625] Dash-001 Great Emperor & Dash-3 Shooting Star Body Special Kit (Type 3 Chassis)

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[Enjoy the body of Great Emperor and Shooting Star]

You can easily set the body of Kichiro Nanshin's Dash No. 3 Shooting Star to the kit of Dash No. 001 Great Emperor, the third Emperor driven by Yonkuro Hinomaru. It is a kit that you can enjoy changing. Of course, both bodies have markings for coloring. Adopts a zero chassis that uses high-strength polycarbonate ABS resin. Two types of gear ratios, 5:1 and 4.2:1, are available to adjust speed and power. The package uses illustrations drawn by Dr. Tokuda Zaurus at the time. Also, an illustration on the side of the package that makes one picture when stacking 4 special kit products (ITEM 95622, 95623, 95624) including this kit. The high collectability is also attractive. In addition, a black and white reduced edition (episodes 12 to 17) of the phantom serial poster manga "Shin Dash! Yonkuro", which has become a total of 17 unfinished stories, is attached.

[Basic specifications]

Total length 131 mm (Great Emperor), total length 127 mm (Shooting Star) With motor

[Items to be purchased separately]

- 2 AA batteries

[First release month]

September 2008, 94669 "Racer Mini 4WD" Released as Dash 001 Daitei (Great Emperor) Special Kit.

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