[95627] Mini 4WD Classic Tune-Up Parts Set Vol.2

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[Ideal for tune-up of the early racer mini 4WD]

A set of mini 4WD upgrade parts that are popular for remodeling the type 3 chassis used in the dash series racer mini 4WD.

The second, Classic Vol.2, is an aero wheel (white) with 4 aero fin type wheels that enhance the racy mood, a body catch with the image of a turbo unit centered on wing parts, an air duct, a front speed roller, etc.

A wing turbo set consisting of 7 types of parts, and a rear roller stabilizer set with a roller bar that stretches to the left and right, to which a stabilizer that suppresses posture changes after a jump is attached, all in one package.

In addition, the 1990 Japan Cup participation commemorative sticker is also included.

The package is the same size as the Racer Mini 4WD box and about half the thickness.

It is also a point that you can put it on top of the Mini 4WD kit box.

On the back of the package, there is a parts correspondence table from Racer Mini 4WD Hot Shot (18001) to Saint Dragon Jr (18029) .

[Basic specs] In addition to 3 types of parts: aero wheel set (15003), wing turbo set (15016), rear roller stabilizer set (15027), a set of reprinted Japan Cup participation commemorative stickers (1990).

*Separate adhesive is required to assemble some parts.

・ Aero wheelset: 2 front and 2 rear aero fin type wheels.
・ Wing turbo set: In addition to 7 types of parts such as turbo end and air duct, mounting screws and nuts are included.
・Rear Roller Stabilizer Set: Stabilizers are combined with the roller bar to prevent posture changes after jumping, increasing driving stability.

[First release month] March 2007, released as 94598 "Mini 4WD Upgrade Parts Set Classic Vol.2".

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