[95628] Mini 4WD Classic Tune-Up Parts Set Vol.3

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[Ideal for tune-up of early racer Mini 4WD]

This is the 3rd classic set with popular mini 4WD upgrade parts in one package.

The classic tune-up, lightweight one-way wheels and rear skid rollers, and the limited edition Emperor Gold body are included.

In particular, the emperor gold body boasted tremendous popularity, limited body parts that could only be obtained at event venues and Harajuku Dragon Shop.

Moreover, it comes with a transparent sticker with a special design.

The package is the same size as the racer mini 4WD kit.

[Basic specifications] A set of lightweight one-way wheels (15055), rear skid rollers (15082), and Emperor Gold body (limited edition).

・ Lightweight one-way wheel: Absorbs the difference in rotation between the left and right tires to create smooth cornering.
・ Rear skid roller: A part that combines a roller bar directly attached to the chassis and a rear skid that prevents the front from lifting.
・ Emperor Gold Body (limited edition): Sold at the 1988 and 1989 events and the 1990 Dragon Shop (Corocoro Comic antenna store). The sticker is a clear type with a good finish.

[First release month] July 2007, released as 94605 "Mini 4WD Upgrade Parts Set Classic Vol.3".

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