[95634] Low Friction Small Diameter Narrow Tires (24 mm) & 3-Spoke Wheels

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[Useful parts for improving machine performance and settings]

A set of white color 3-spoke wheels and maroon color low friction tires.

The hard tire compound makes it difficult to bounce, and the low grip is advantageous for cornering.

If only the front wheels are fitted, the turning ability of the machine will be improved during cornering, and if only the rear wheels are used, it will decelerate during jumps and improve running stability.

Various settings are possible, such as reducing the running resistance due to the inner ring difference by installing only on either the left or right side.

Can be used for Mini 4WD PRO and Mini 4WD vehicles.

★ Because it is a hard tire, push it firmly to install it.

[Basic specs] 4-piece set of low-height tires and wheels using low-friction materials

[Available machines] Mini 4WD PRO, Mini 4WD cars (Some chassis or bodies require processing)

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