0.35 mm Fluid Nozzle E3 I6042

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An airbrush is only a true Anest Iwata when it contains Genuine Iwata parts. To keep your airbrush operating at peak performance, make sure the model number on the side of your airbrush is listed below.
Eclipse: HP-BS, HP-CS, HP-SBS & Takumi
Optional item for:
Eclipse: HP-BCS

Anest Iwata Eclipse nozzles are made from silver alloy that comes attached to a compression-fit brass base.
This specialized nozzle is a combination of the high-flow shape of the Eclipse BCS nozzle and the more traditional nozzles of the finer detail airbrushes, lending to its versatility and range.
Because Iwata Eclipse (CS, BS, SBS) nozzles are compression-fit there is no threading required nor recommended.
When it is time to replace the nozzle, simply remove the entire piece (nozzle and base) and drop-in a new one.
This easy disassemble and reassemble contributes to Eclipse's ease, popularity and versatility.
Our parts are precision crafted on the industry's most sophisticated machinery using the finest materials for consistent quality and performance. Every batch, every time.

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