AO-1020 Mini 4WD Bushing for Aluminium Wheels (Black, 8 pcs.) [94774]

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Replace worn and tired parts as soon as possible to maintain the best condition at all times.

Please use for repair and maintenance.

[Applicable parts]

(ITEM.94705) HG large diameter narrow aluminum wheels (4 pcs)

(ITEM.94710) HG low height tire aluminum wheels (4 pcs)

(ITEM.94732) HG large diameter narrow aluminum wheels (4 pcs) (Blue)

(ITEM.94733) HG Low Height Tire Aluminum Wheels (4) (Black)

* Cannot be used with the following aluminum wheels.

(ITEM.94992) HG Low Height Deep Rim Aluminum Wheels (2 pcs)

(ITEM.94993) HG Low Height Heavy Aluminum Wheels (2 pcs)

(ITEM.95012) HG Large Diameter Narrow Heavy Aluminum Wheels (2 pcs)

* Please use AO-1035 Mini 4WD Wheel Bush (White / 8 pcs) (ITEM.10306) for these.

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