AO-1045 Mini 4WD Rubber Pipe 3.5 x 60 mm 5 pcs. [10320]

TamiyaSKU: 10320

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[Covering the screw part of the screw that pops out]

A black color rubber pipe with an outer diameter of 3.5 mm and an inner diameter of 1.3 mm that covers the screw part that pops out when a roller etc. is attached to the Mini 4WD.

Not only does it improve safety, it also prevents the nut from loosening and falling off due to running vibration.

You can freely cut and use a 60 mm rubber pipe.

[Basic specifications] Set of 5 3.5 x 60 mm black color rubber pipes

[Available machines] Mini 4WD PRO, Mini 4WD each car

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