AO-1046 Mini 4WD Sliding Damper 2 Spring Set [10321]

TamiyaSKU: 10321

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[Maintenance parts to maintain the original performance of parts]

A slide damper that can smoothly run on difficult sections such as digital curves and wash walls.

It is a spare part of the spring that is the key to the movement. It is not possible to fully demonstrate the performance with a weak spring.

Regular replacement is effective to maintain the original performance of the parts.

ITEM 15139 "Front Slide Damper / Roller Set"
ITEM 15198 "Rear Slide Damper / Brake Set"
ITEM 15467 "Rear Wide Slide Damper"
ITEM 15469 "Front Wide Slide Damper"
ITEM 95363 "Front Wide Slide Damper 2 (Red)"
ITEM 95364 "It can be used for "Rear Wide Slide Damper 2 (Red)" .

[Basic specifications] Set of 4 each of 2 types of springs, gold (soft) and silver (hard)

[Available machines] Mini 4WD slide dampers (ITEM 15139, 15198, 15467, 15469, 95363, 95364) are used. Mini 4WD PRO, Mini 4WD each car. Please check the compatible chassis for each part.

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