AO-1047 Mini 4WD Basic Box Clear Cover (3 sheets) [10322]

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[Fashionable transparent cover for Mini 4WD basic box] Clear cover for Mini 4WD basic box.

Assembled type that can be used by inserting it into the four pieces of the box. Not only does it protect the machines in the box from dust, it is also useful for stacking boxes.

On the clear cover made of PET resin, a band with the Tamiya mark and the Mini 4WD logo removed and the characters processed is printed.

The color of the obi is white, blue, and red.

[Basic specifications]

Made of PET, size: 169 x 238 mm 3 pieces

[Available products]

ITEM 95456 Mini 4WD Basic Box (with sleeve) Avante Jr. 30th Anniversary (Mini 4WD Station)
ITEM 95452 Mini 4WD Basic Box (30th Anniversary of J-CUP)
ITEM 95207 Mini 4WD Basic Box (Mini 4WD Station)

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