Baking Master (Light Brown/Brown/Dark Brown) [烘焙大師效果粉彩粉底]

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[If you have this, you will also be a master of baking! !]

A cute package palette that tickles the girl's heart just like the eye color of cosmetics.

Just take the color with the attached tool and paint it... Huh? What's this?

It looks so delicious! !

The ease of use of a browning master who knows how to express a browning color in a short time is impressive!

Have you already tried it?

[How to use]

Simply apply the color to the sponge provided with the tool and rub it or pat it lightly to enjoy a very delicious baked color expression.

The brush is recommended when you want to apply a well-balanced color to the whole.

Use it by applying color while moving it finely and wiping it off.

(*This product is not edible.)

★ Applying tool included

[Caution: This product is not edible]

This is an item for "sweets decoration" to make small crafts that imitate sweets.

It looks delicious, but please be careful not to put it in your mouth as it is not edible.

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